SharePoint Archiving / Record Management

Innovative Entreprise Record Management System for cloud or on premise applications and solutions.

With online information being created and published at a unprecedented rate across a vast array of platforms and systems, it’s a never ending challenge and concern in how to track, manage, understand and archive this data.

With these challenges growing daily the demand for solutions that can manage, streamline and understand large amounts of data is becoming more a necessity than ever. This need will continue to grow, with companies looking for solutions to simplify data management, reduce internal operating costs, consolidate information and meet asset and compliance requirements.

To address this ARK has been developed as a centralised flexible long term record archive solution which has the capability to consume and understand large amounts of data in a secure way. Its abililty to run autonomously and proactively monitor multiple data sources ensures that data is being captured in realtime. Ark's framwork allows it to integrate with Business Intelligence solutions providing informative dashboards that can present making sense of vast amounts of varying data by providing valuable insights.

Office 365
GITC Approved
Microsoft Partner

What, When, How

We identify our value of success through measureable outcomes. We understand that a product, service or solution is only as good as how it is accepted within the business. At the core we are about Integrity, we apply this principal daily in everything we do. It is not just an action, nor a word, or something that ends at the end of the project, its one of our core values that drives us to continue to deliver successful digital experiences and build strong long-term relationships with our clients.

We stand by what we build and deliver, and know that you and your customers rely on these systems everyday to operate the business and only 100% uptime is acceptable.

SharePoint contributes to playing a part in the overall success, but like all systems it needs to be supported from a business and technical perspective to ensure optimal performance, adoption, and stability therefore demostrating business value. Just as the business needs to evolve this is also a necessity for SharePoint so that it continues to be a grow with the business. Our SharePoint Consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge and can take your ideas and turn them into reality.