Designing for SharePoint

Innovate and imagine new ways to manage, deliver and present data through SharePoint that is visually stunning.

Since the inception of SharePoint we have been pioneers in pushing the boundaries of designing and creating better user-experiences through user-centered design. Our passion is to continue to explore and discover new ways to manage, deliver and present data through SharePoint that is visually stunning.

Taking a user-centred design approach to creating a visually pleasing UI hasn't necessarily been a priority in the process of creating an intranet, internet or extranet site on SharePoint. What can often be seen by some as not a necessity could be the difference between a success or failure of SharePoint's adoption within the organisation. The reason being is that most users don't appreciate or understand the technology that supports the solution, they interact at the presentation layer, and if this hasn't been a consideration in the development process it will potentially have an impact on user acceptance and adoption.

User-centered design can mean many things to different people, but at the core it is about having an understanding of not only the technology, but the roles and responsibilities of the end user - their goals and needs to achieve success in their role. Taking into consideration the people who will use the system as part of their role will ensure that the system delivers value and results for the organisation. We have had the opportunity to work on many projects over the years with a continuous focus on delivering a system that puts the end user front of mind during design. This method sees the organisation hitting its return on investment metrics, driving internal adoption and 'ownership', and strengthens the longevity of the platform.

Understanding your users to drive engagement

Designing and delivering solutions through a collaborative approach that will identify and resolve user experience challenges to improve user adoption.


Understanding how the business and its users work with SharePoint will provide valuable insight into areas for improvement.


To ensure a successful outcome, we refine the design, then test and measure. This process is repeated until the usability objectives are met.


Testing with actual users is crucial to measure initial expectations against reality. Approached openly and responsively, feedback is collected and applied back to the solution.

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